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By ILead India

What Are Soft Skills And Why Are They So Important?

There seems to be some confusion on what soft skills really mean. The term is fairly recent, surfacing just a few years ago. The resume still has importance when it comes to landing a job, but employers are increasingly considering a potential hire’s soft skills.

Soft skills are the common sense, positive mental flexibility, and interpersonal skills a person has. In fact, a lot of recruiters are now paying more attention to soft skills rather than the hard ones. A lot of candidates with impressive resumes but poor soft skills have been rejected in the final rounds of interviews.

That is why you should enroll in soft skills programs in order to develop these skills better. Soft skills can be classified into these categories:

    • Negotiation � This is a very crucial soft skill that you need to possess. The art of negotiating a deal with a client or even negotiating with a co-worker is something that you need to master effectively. There is no hard and fast rule about mastering this aspect but you will be trained to negotiate to the fullest of your capabilities.
    • Team building � Instilling team spirit in the members of a team is perhaps the most difficult task ever. Ego, personal rivalry, office politics, and various other factors come into play and you have to overcome all these hurdles and utilize all the resources efficiently. This is known as team building and it requires some training beforehand.
    • Communication � Last but not the least, you need to communicate well with your superiors and peers. If you can�t express your thoughts or grievances in the proper manner, then it will soon begin to affect your performance. Honing this particular soft skill is all the more important when you are talking to clients of the company. Looking for an institute that offers soft skills training in Kolkata There are quite a few reputed ones that are providing such training for extremely reasonable fees so it should not be difficult for you to register your name. Just make sure that the institute has a good name in the market and also if it offers good job placements after the completion of the course.