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Hispanic Grants

Hispanic Grants

Opportunities for the fastest growing minority group in the U.S. are plentiful. More focus has been placed on special need grants being available to every qualifying Latin American student.

Currently, there are many grants in place for Hispanics to achieve their educational goals, some tailored to a specific region while others, such as the Pell Grant, are available to everyone.

In the states of Texas, California, Florida, New York, and New Jersey, and also in the U.S. territory Puerto Rico, there are institutions that are at least a quarter Hispanic out of the total student body. These colleges are eligible for federal funding in which the schools receive and distribute as grants, of which some are tailored appropriately.

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National Association of Hispanic Nurses

The National Association of Hispanic Nurses aims to ameliorate the health of the Hispanic communities. One of its goals is to identify barriers to the delivery of health services to Hispanic consumers and recommend appropriate solutions to local, state, and federal agencies.


Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Scholarships

The mission of the CHCI Scholarship Program is to provide critical financial assistance that will increase graduation rates among Latino students in post-secondary education. The CHCI provides students with a one-time scholarship of:

  • $1,000 community college or AA/AS granting institution
  • $2,500 4-year academic institution
  • $5,000 graduate-level institution

You can also apply for a graduate fellowship here.

Featured Company: Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute

Salary: $21k/yr – $174k/yr

Careers & Internships at Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute

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March of Dimes Nursing Scholarship Program

The March of Dimes Nursing School Scholarships gives between $10,000 and $25,000 to participants and over $8 million annually in support of program grants.

Featured Company: March of Dimes

Salary: $23k/yr – $116k/yr

Careers & Internships at March of Dimes

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Hispanics Scholarship Fund

Hispanic Scholarship Fund is the nation’s largest not-for-profit institution supporting Hispanic higher education. To date, HSF provided over $360 million in scholarships.


Featured Company: Hispanic Scholarship Fund

Salary: $21k/yr – $174k/yr

Careers & Internships at Hispanic Scholarship Fund

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Scholarship for Disadvantaged Students program

Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students provide funds to schools and the schools make the scholarship available to full-time students in financial need.


Featured Company: Human Resources and Services Administration

Salary: $42k/yr – $87k/yr

Careers & Internships at Human Resources and Services Administration

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Jose Marti Scholarship Challenge Grant Fund

Jose Marti Scholarship Challenge Grant Fund is a need-based merit scholarship that provides financial assistance to eligible students of Hispanic origin who will attend Florida public or eligible private institutions.