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We are Professional Educational Consultants

Franchise / Associates

Services offered to Associate Partners
  • Multiple Country options
  • Seminars for information sharing.
  • Timely Services (reply mails within 24 hrs)
  • on time payments.
  • Regular Updates through emails
  • University Selection Assistance.
  • Admission & Application Assistance.
  • Visa Assistance.
Abacus Overseas Education Advisors with 12 years of Experience in overseas Education representing number of Universities all over the globe in countries like USA,UK Canada, Australia, Singapore, Ireland, Newzealand, Germany & other European countries. We propose Overseas Education Service providers to work mutually for institutions represented by us in above mentioned countries.
We have a chain of associates who seek our services for their student admissions. We would like to have your company as our associate, by having a working arrangement with you. We will extend all the assistance, information, guidelines and training to make you more successful with your operations by adding more number of universities and enhancing your success and reputation with students, locally. Abacus Overseas Education Advisors is currently a privately held company situated in Hyderabad, INDIA, we are engaged in overseas education exclusively promoting Universities and Colleges across USA, UK, Newzealand, Singapore, Canada,Australia, Ireland, Germany and other European Countries. We are currently in the process of opening new locations across India. We at Abacus Overseas Education Advisors understand the need for continuous improvement that is based on learning and the adoption of innovative solutions. Abacus Overseas Education Advisors approach is a concerted response to overseas education. It is a unique combination of research and understanding of international relations and culture abroad. In the last ten years we have successfully placed more than 10000+ students in US, UK, Ireland, Australia, German and Canadian universities. Exclusively for USA we have enrolled more than 400 students last year. For our partners (universities and colleges), we provide a lot of value by promoting them through our path breaking and cost effective direct selling mechanisms. Abacus Overseas Education Advisors and its team of Expertise counselors work with education agents world-wide, to assist students world-wide, and find an institution that meets their academic and personal goals.