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Bad luck this week

Portugal vs Uruguay

Portugal and Uruguay are two countries competing in the world cup. They have met twice before, with Portugal winning both times. The first time was in 1966 when Portugal won 2-1. The second time was in 2017 when Portugal won 3-0. The Portuguese team is a favorite to win the 2022 world cup, and many people think that it will be a close game between them and USA.  

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Colts vs. Steelers

Matt Ryan and company were snuffed out Monday night by the 4-7 Pittsburg Steelers. Can you believe the Steelers kept Ryan to 0 passing yards in the 1st quarter? Matt Ryan does galvanize his offense and finishes with 199 passing yards. 

Seasoned running back Benny Snell Jr. had been patiently waiting in the hope of finding a way to feature regularly in the game plan. He finally found his opportunity on Week 12 and it was clear from his performance that he has been ready for that moment all season long.

He ran for 62 yards and scored the go-ahead touchdown with 9:55 left. The score served as a momentum factor for his teammates who managed to fend off a last-minute comeback by the Indianapolis Colts.

The Indianapolis Colts, who had previously been known as the Baltimore Colts and the St. Louis Cardinals, arrived to play their first-ever game in Indianapolis on September 20, 1984. The Pittsburgh Steelers were also at Lucas Oil Stadium that day to play the Colts in what turned into a tight 19-17 result.



We have to say after the 0-0 tie with England, we would like to see the USA win this 2-1. That’s all, folks.