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5 Critical Elements of Online Colleges

5 Critical Elements of Online Learning

By Jonathon Reynolds

A lot of educational institutions have started conducting online classes to cater to a large international audience. Many of these institutions have been successfully coordinating online courses for years generating high ROI. 


However, many of these organizations are revising their modules and eliminating online courses because of poor online learning strategies in place. Thus, to make your online learning classes extremely popular amongst the student communities, you need to watch for these 5 critical elements listed below.

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Remember, students are not passive recipients; rather they love to engage with the class and the lecturer. 

Thus, you should create an active class with people constantly communicating and interacting with the learning content, sharing resources of importance, discussing ways to improve knowledge in a specific field, and finding new ways to address a problem.

Understanding Student Needs

Every individual has their style of learning and grasping knowledge. For example, learners fall into 3 broad categories – visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. 

Thus, teachers should create learning content keeping in mind the specific needs of these distinct student types. Each learning document should beautifully amalgamate key points keeping in mind the best interest of all the students.

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Online learning is quite different from face-to-face learning. In the case of traditional classrooms, the physical presence of students and the instructor is a must. You need to attend school for the required days during the week, listen to the lectures of the teachers, take down notes, and interact with them or face to face. However, in the case of online classes, face-to-face interaction is possible only via video chats or conferencing. This constraint should not prevent you from encouraging online interaction in any way. Allow your online class students to chat with the faculty and actively participate in the school or college’s private social forums to discuss issues and ideas.

Social Presence

E-learning should be promoted on popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. to draw the target audience’s attention. Traditional marketing through printed adverts and word-of-mouth strategy is not sufficient to adequately market new concepts and hence will not yield the desired results. To keep getting maximum attendance for your online classes, it is, therefore, necessary to spread out the e-learning news to the online world. It is through the social media websites that you can reach out to the global audience from which you will surely attract prospective candidates looking to enroll in quality distance learning courses.

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